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Cara Black (Zimbabwe)

Leander Paes (India)

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Katarina Srebotnik, Nenad Zemonic

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Q: Who won the 2010 Wimbledon mixed doubles title?
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Who won the 2010 Wimbledon men's doubles title?

Jurgen Melzer (Austria) Philipp Petzschner (Germany)

How many times has Venus Williams won the ladies singles title at Wimbledon?

Billie Jean King won a record 20 career titles at Wimbledon - 6 singles, 10 women's doubles, and 4 mixed doubles. (Martina Navratilova also has 20 career titles at Wimbledon.)

Which Indian player won the mixed double title in Wimbledon 2010?

Leander Paes IND (2)/Cara Black ZIM (2)

Whom did mahesh bhupathi pair up with to lift the mixed doubles trophy at wimbledom for the second time?

Leander Paes (born 1973) won the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles title in 2010, along with Cara Black of Zimbabwe (born 1979), who was also his partner in their victory at the 2010 Autralian Open.Leander Paes.

When was the last time all five major Wimbledon finals were won in straight sets?

In 2010 the mens, ladies, mens doubles, ladies doubles and mixed doubles were all won in straight sets!

Who was the opponent for leander paes and cara black in the mixed doubles Wimbledon 2010?

Wesley Moodie of South Africa and Lisa Raymond of the United States

Who won the Australian Open 2010 Mixed Doubles title?

Cara Black and Leander Paes won the 2010 Australian Open Mixed Doubles title. They defeated Ekaterina Makarova and Jaroslav Levinsky in the final match. Final Score: 7-5, 6-3

Who won Wimbledon 2010 single?

Rafael Nadal won the men's singles title in 2010. Serena Williams won the women's singles title in 2010.

Who partnered Cara Black to win the 2010 Australian Open Mixed Doubles title?

Leander Paes was the partner of Cara Black in 2010 Australial Open.

Who won the 2010 Wimbledon women's singles title?

Serena Williams (United States)

Which India player had won the mix-double title in Wimbledon -2010?

lender paes

Who won the Wimbledeon title for the men this year?

Rafael Nadal (Spain) won the 2010 Wimbledon Men's singles title.