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Q: Who won last year's Wimbledon Championships?
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Who was the last Englishman to win at the Wimbledon open tennis championships?

In Wimbledon "the open era", no englishman has won the title.

How many championships did the Colorado Buffaloes win in the last ten years?

The Colorado Buffaloes have won two championships in the last ten years. Both championships won were the Big 12 North Division Championships in the years 2004 and 2005.

Who won the men's Wimbledon tennis championships 2008?

Rafael Nadal

Who won the Men's and Women's Singles Wimbledon Championships in 2001?

Goran Ivanisevic won the Wimbledon Men's Singles and Venus Williams won the Women's Singles in 2001.

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Has Roger Federer won the most Wimbledon championships?

No he is drawing at seven with Pete Sampras.

What team won the most BCS championships in the last 10 years?


When did roger fedderer when first Wimbledon?

Roger Federer first won the Wimbledon Championships in 2003, defeating Australian Mark Philippoussis in the final.

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How many national football championships has Oklahoma Sooners won in the last 5 years?

they haven't won any.

Who won the ladies singles title at Wimbledon last year?

Venus Williams of the US won the last 2 Wimbledon ladies' singles titles.

Who won the Wimbledon 2008?

Rafael Nadal won in 2008. federer won all Wimbledon five years before