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The men's shotput champion from the 1958 Commonwealth Games was Arthur Rowe (ENG) with a throw of 17.57m. Second was Martyn Lucking (ENG) with 16.5m and third was Barry Donath (AUS) with 15.79m Women did not compete at athletics field events in 1958

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Udo Beyer of East Germany with 21.05m

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Q: Who was Shot putt Olympic champion in 1968?
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What olympic event consists of crouch shift thrust and release?

Shot Putt.

Who is the Olympic record holders for the men Shot Putt?

Rickie Fowler with a record throw of 2.3 meters

What is a short putt called?

A 'Chip Shot' or a 'Pitch Shot'

What are the components of the fitness in shot putt?


WHO IS the current Olympic record holders for the men's Shot Putt?

The Olympic record for men's shotput was set by Ulf Timmermann of East Germany at the 1988 Games in Seoul at a distance of 22.47 meters (73 feet, 8 5/8 inches).

How much does a man's shot putt weigh?

7.26kg or 16lbs.

What shape is the area that you throw from in ndiscus and shot putt?

A circle

What is the name of athlete for men's shot putt?

Randey Barnes

How heavy is a shot putt?

for men its 16lb. and for women 8.8lb.

How far is the mens Olympics shot putt record?

1 centimeter

What is the weight of the mens shot putt in the commonwealth games?

16 lbs.

In which sport would you employ the O'Brien shift?

Found the answer - it is Shot Putt