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Q: Who was Leyton Hewitt engaged to before he married?
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What are you called after you are engaged and before you are married?

A fiancée (pronounced fee-ahn-say) is a woman who is engaged to be married. A fiancé (pronounced the same way) is a man who is engaged to be married.

What do you do before you get married?

date, get engaged, plan the wedding

Is Aaron Copland married and if he is are there any facts about her?

No he never was married but before he died he was engaged

When did Ulysses S. Grant get engaged?

They were engaged sometime in 1844, four years before they got married.

Use the word abstinence in a sentence?

The engaged couple practiced abstinence before the were married.

How long can you be engaged before getting married?

Some people can be engaged for a very short time to a few years before they marry. The traditional waiting period is approximately a year.

When was jimmy Sullivan from avenged sevenfold married?

Jimmy Sullivan (The Rev") was not married. He and his girlfriend Leana Silver were however engaged to be married before he died but they were never married.

Was Diane fossey married?

No, she was not married. She was engaged but she was killed before she got married.

Is Steve from jackass married?

No, steve-o is not married. He was engaged but his fiance called the engagement off a few days before his intervention.

When your girlfriend is 55 and you are 62 and you are both ready for retirement how long do older couples usually date before they are engaged and how long before the wedding?

There are no rules for how long the two of you should date before becoming engaged, or be engaged before getting married. This is a very personal decision that can only be made by the couple.

If you just turn 18 years old how long does it take before you can get married if your engaged already?

If you are a person of 18 years , and are already engaged, you must complete being 21 years of age to get legally married.

If my girlfriends parents approved of us to get engaged can she move out when she wants now that we are engaged she is 17 and i am 18?

Only with the parents' permission can she move out before she is 18 or married.