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Q: Who is allowed to enter Wimbledon?
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Can you take food into Wimbledon?

=== === No, I don't think that's allowed.

When were ladies allowed to play at Wimbledon?

They were allow to play since the origin of the tournament.

Who where allowed to enter the the ziggurat?

The priest

What are the places in Wimbledon?

The tennins, Wimbledon common, Shopps and the wimbledon windmill on the Wimbledon Common

Were the women allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics?

No, women were not allowed to enter the olympics.

Who has the most men's Wimbledon singles titles?

In the Open Era (since professionals were allowed to play), both Pete Sampras and Roger Federer have won seven men's titles at Wimbledon.

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Well wimbledon is called wimbledon because its in wimbledon and secondly why do you need to know this. Then it will make it easier for me to answer

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