Who invented poona?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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The word "Poona" is an English transcription of the Marathi colloquially pronounced word "Puna" (not to be pronounced as "Punaa", but with short vowel 'a', the indo-Germanic shwa). Since the English accent generally falls on the beginning of the word, the syllable "Pu" got elongated and "na"(shwa) was shortened, which came closer to the original Marathi "na". But there is a written form of the same word as "Pune", which is being consistently used in the written texts since the 17th century. The British rulers as per their colonial habit invented their own names for the foreign cities like Munich(originally: Muenchen), Paris(original pronunciation: Paaree), They also named several Indian cities as per their linguistic convenience like Bombay(Mumbai), Calcutta (Kolkata), Madras (Chennai), Delhi (Dilli).

Commensurate wih present trend of Indianising the names of Indian cities, one reverts to the original names or writing forms.

Prof. Dr. Pramod Talgeri

Former Vice-Chancellor

Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages(CIEFL, now EFLU)


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Q: Who invented poona?
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When Badminton was invented in India it was known as Poona.

When did Battle of Poona happen?

Battle of Poona happened in 1802.

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Poona pact was advocated by Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

When was Poona National Park created?

Poona National Park was created in 1991.

When was Poona Sarvajanik Sabha created?

Poona Sarvajanik Sabha was created in 1870.

What is Roman Catholic Diocese of Poona's population?

Roman Catholic Diocese of Poona's population is 24,305,883.

When was Roman Catholic Diocese of Poona created?

Roman Catholic Diocese of Poona was created in 1854.

What is the area of Poona National Park?

The area of Poona National Park is 50.1 square kilometers.

What is Section 46 of Pune University Act?

Poona University Act, 1974The Poona University Act of 1974 established the University of Pune (formerly the University of Poona). The Act was passed by the Bombay legislature on February 10, 1948. Section 46 of the University of Poona's Ordinances as established by the Poona University Act has since been deleted and no record of what it said was found.

What is a poona parchment?


What is the area of Roman Catholic Diocese of Poona?

The area of Roman Catholic Diocese of Poona is 49,687 square kilometers.

When was Raja Bahadur Motilal Poona Mills created?

Raja Bahadur Motilal Poona Mills was created in 1893.