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Harry 'Butch' Reynolds

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Q: Who holds the second fastest time for 400m after Michael Johnson?
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Who holds the 400 meter individual record?

Michael Johnson.

Who is the fastest human living?

Officially, the fastest living human is Usain Bolt of Jamaica. He holds the world's 100 m record of 9.58 seconds and the 200 m record of 19.19 seconds. His 4 x 100 m team also holds the world record of 37.10 seconds.

Who holds the second fastest female 100m time?

Florence Griffiths-Joyner has the top three fastest times. Carmelita Jeter has the 4th fastest at 10.64 seconds.

What sprinter holds the second fastest recorded time in the 100 meter dash?

Tyson Gaye

Who holds the Olympic record for the mens 400?

Michael Johnson of the USA with a time of 43.49.

Which runner holds the olympic records for the 200m and 400m which he set at the atlanta games in 1996?

That is Michael Johnson of the United States.

What is the fastest 300 running time?

Usain Bolt holds the fastest 300m running time, completing it in approximately 30.81 seconds during a solo race in 2010.

Is Michael Johnson running in 2012 Olympics?

No, he retired from athletics in 2001. He still holds the 400m world record set in 1999.

Who hold the record for the fastest ascent of Alpe d'Huez in the tour de France?

Marco Pantani holds the fastest ascent at 37mins 35sec set in 1997 which Lance Armstrong the second fastest at 37mins 36sec set in 2004.

Which African American male holds a world record in a track and field event?

One African American male who holds a T&F world record is Michael Johnson in the 400m dash.

What is the fastest half mile ever run?

Wilson Kipketer holds a record of 1 minute 41.11 second half mile.

Who holds the record indoor and outdoor for the 400m dash?

MICHAEL JOHNSON - 1995 (44.63sec)Kerron Clement - 12 Jan 2007 (44.57sec)