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Sue Barker defeated Renata Tomanova in the French Open final in 1976.

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Q: Who did Sue Barker beat in the final of the French Open Tennis when she won it?
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Who was the last British female to win French Open in tennis?

It was Sue Barker, in 1976.

Who won 2010 French Open tennis mens final?

Raefal Nadal.

When is the French Open Tennis 2012 men's final?

like next weekish..

Who won the French Open Women's Singles in 1976?

sue barker sue barker

What is the date of the mean's final of Australian Open tennis 1975?

The men's final of the Australian Open tennis in 1975 was on the 13th of January.

The city and country of the French Open tennis championship?

The French open tennis championship is played in Paris, France.

What is a popular tennis tournament?

Wimbledon, U.S. Open, French Open, Australian Open are the (4) Majors in Tennis

What are the 4 tennis open championships?

Australian French US (The Championships) Wimbledon

What type of Tennis ball is used at the French Open?

hard tennis ball

When is the french tennis open?

French Open 2011: 22nd May - 5th June 2011.

Which was the last british woman to win the French Open championship?

Sue Barker

When is the French Open tennis tournament?

French Open 2011: 22nd May - 5th June 2011.