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Arthur Ashe married Jeanne Moutoussamy in February, 1977.

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Q: Who did Arthur ashe get married too what is her name?
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How do you pronounce arthur ashe's wife's last name?

If you mean Jeanne Moutoussamy, it's moo-too-sah-mee

Did Arthur ashe have friends?

Arthur Ashe was actually quite famous. People often asked him to go out tp eat and stuff. Yeah, and he could dance well too. He also had girlfriends

What was Arthur Ashe's childhood like?

Arthur Ashe's childhood: these are bullet points so srry * Went to an all black school * had the measles, chickenpox,mumps, whooping cough,and diphtheria * too light for football and to slow for track * Mom died when he was 7,then became "emotionally distant" and focused on school and tennis Or you can go to this website where i got all of my information from: it has a lot of info

What was Arthur Ashe most known for?

he was the greatest African American tennis player and sadly died much too young.

Where can you send a message to Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe?

There is a website about all-things Arthur Ashe There is a wealth of information as well as a 'Contact Us' Form. Check out the Black History Month feature and take the Essay Contest. You could win four (4) tickets - with great seats too, to this summers Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, which opens the US Open! Big-time fun filled day...

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