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In 2001, IP acquired Champion International

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Q: Who bought Champion International?
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When did Champion International Paper end?

Champion International Paper ended in 2000.

Where is Champion International Corp. based?

Champion International Corp. is based in Stamford, Connecticut

What state is Champion International Corp. in?

Champion International Corp. is based in Stamford, Connecticut

What is the correct phone number to Champion International Corporation?

This company no longer exists. It was bought by International Paper Company in 2000. They have a current # of 1 901-419-4250 in North America and a very good website.

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What is the name of the company that John T. Dillon bought in 2000?

In April 2000 International Paper paid $7.3 billion in cash and stock to acquire its rival Champion International, besting an offer from the Finnish paper company UPM-Kymmene.

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Who do you call for St Regis paper Co pension plan?

The St Regis pension plan, originally funded into a appreciating portfolio, was absorbed by Champion International (who immediately pronounced it over-funded by $55MM, which turned out to be the amount of STR executive parachutes) and a trust was formed to administer what was left as an annuity. This was passed on to International Paper Co. when it bought Champion and is being administered through the IP retirement center.

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