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Q: Who are the top women British 400 meters runners since 1965?
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2over9 runners are women and there are 990 runners how many are women runners?

220 out of 990 runners are women.

5 out of 6 runners are women out of 660 runners how many runners are women?


At a runner's festival 2v9 are women if there are 990 runners how many are women?

If it is a 2 v 9 ratio, then is 180 v 810 runners.

What is the British record for Shot Put?

Men: Carl Myerscough - 21.92 meters in 2003. Women: Judy Oakes - 19.36 meters in 1988.

What is the British 800m record?

The men's British record for running 800 meters was set in 1981 by Sebastian Coe in a time of 1:41.73. The women's British record for running 800 meters was set in 1995 by Kelly Holmes in a time of 1:56.21.

Do men always run faster then women?

The fastest male runners are faster than the fastest female runners. However, there are surely some women who can faster than most men.

How fast could runners go?

22 mph for women and 24 mph for men.

Out of 990 runners 2 over 9 are woman how many are woman?

220 are women.

When was Women's British Open created?

Women's British Open was created in 1976.

Where does one purchase converse double tongue runners?

Converse has an official website which allows for online purchases. The double tongued runners are located in the women's sneakers, Chuck Taylor collection.

What type of british goods did women boycott?

The british goods that women boycotted were clothing,tea,and accesories.

What other purpose did the feast of lupercal serve for women as well?

do ur own English homework The festival of Lupercalia was not only a purifying rite for the city, but it was also supposed to be a fertility rite for women. As the runners passed them, women in the crowd would hold out their hands to be hit with the goat skinned thongs that the runners carried. This was supposed to insure fertility.