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The first semi final match was played between Robin Soderling and Fernando Gonzalez. Robin Soderling won the match.

The second semi final match was played between Juan Martin del Potro and Roger Federer. Roger Federer won the match

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Q: Who are the semifinalists of the French Open Men's Singles in 2009?
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How much does a Wimbledon mens semi finalist earn?

The semi finalists of Wimbledon receive 425,000 UK pounds. goto:- or

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mens singles - federer

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Who won the French Open six times and holds the record for mens singles?


What was the date of the 2009 French Open mens final?

June 7th

Who was the French Open mens singles champion from 1978 to 1981?

Bjorn Borg was the Men's Singles Champion at the French Open in each year between 1978 and 1981.

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Who was the Wimbledon mens singles champion in 1978?

Βjörn Borg

Who was the Wimbledon mens singles champion in 1994?

Pete Sampras

Who was the Wimbledon mens singles champion in 1998?

Pete Sampras