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Martin Lel running it in 2:05:15, Abderrahim Goumri in 2:05:30, Sammy Wanjiru in 2:05:24, Ryan Hall in 2:06:17(fastest American marathoner), and a lot of other kenyan, moroccan, and ethiopian marathoners finished this marathon in under 2:10:00.

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Q: Who are the fastest people to run the London marathon?
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What is the fastest time London marathon run for a married couple?


Who ran the fastest time in the London marathon?

The fastest men's time recorded at London was run in 2011 by Emmanuel Mutai in a time of 2:04:40.

How much people run in the Marathon London?


Who was the first woman in a marathon?

The fastest marathon by a woman (2:15:25) was run by Paula Radcliffe in the 2003 London Marathon.

What is a full marathon?

A full marathon is the 26.2 miles that you run for example the London marathon is a full marathon

Where does the London marathon start in London?

The London marathon ( I am watching it on TV as I type this !) starts on Blackheath in SE London. It is run over 26 miles 385 yards. This distance has nothing to do with Phidipides & the battle of Marathon. It was the distance run from Windsor to White city in the London Olympics in 1908.

How long did Greg Billingham take to complete the London marathon?

It took Greg Billingham just over 7 days to complete the 2007 London marathon and 8 full days to complete the 2008 London marathon. He is the first person in the World to ever run a marathon in slow motion and really is the slowest runner in the World,

Worlds fastest marathon?

The IAAF regards Patrick Makau's 2:03:38 (Berlin 2011) to be the official men's World Record. However the fastest marathon ever (2:03:02) was run by Geoffrey Mutai (Boston 2011).

Who was the first woman to run a marathon in under 2 hours?

no women has run 2 miles in 4 mins. heck no person has run 2 miles in 4 minutes. the fastest mile is 3:43.

What is the fastest ever marathon time?

Fastest Time: 2:03:02 (Geoffrey Mutai, 18APR2011 in the Boston Marathon) *World Record: 2:03:38 (Patrick Makau, 25SEP2011 in the Berlin Marathon)* not recognized by the IAAF as a World Record because it was run on a course with a net elevation loss.

What year did Sebastian Coe run the London marathon?

He ran it in 1991 with a time of 2:56:20

How many people run in the London marathon?

It's considered as the biggest marathon in the world... 32'000 who reached the finish - sorry, not really the answer... but if you consider furthermore those who go to help there... it certainly "affects" (in positive sense I hope) the population.