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Henin Sharapova Kuznetsova Graf Williams (Serena and Venus) Seles Clijsters Hingis Davenport are the more recent :) if you want to look at every winner, you can go to ;)

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Steffi Graf

Martina Navratilova (she was the first to win all of them)

Serena Williams

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Q: Which women won the 4 grand slams?
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Has Rafael Nadal won any grand slams?

He has won all 4.

How many grand slams does nadal have?

As of 2012, Rafael Nadal has won 11 Grand Slam Singles TitlesAustralian Open: 2009French Open: 2005-2008, 2010-2012Wimbledon: 2008, 2010US Open: 2010

How many Grand Slams has Federer won?

Federer has won 16 Grand Slams (4 Australian Opens, 1 French Open, 6 Wimbledons and 5 US Opens).

Who is won all 4 tennis grand slams?

I'm pretty sure it's Roger Federer.Look it up on Google just to be sure.

Who was the first man to win at Wimbledon?

The first amateur to win a grand slam in tennis was Don Budge. He was an American from California, and won the event in 1938.

Has david nalbandian won a grand slam?

No he has not, but he has come mighty close - lost to Lleyton Hewitt in the Wimbledon final in 2002, and he has had 4 semi-final appearances in other grand slams

Which men won the 4 Grand Slams?

Fred Perry, Don Budge, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer.

How many tennis open in a year?

4 grand slams

How many grand slams did Steve Carlton allow?


How many grand slams has maria sharapova won?

Of the thirty-two Grand Slam singles finals she played, she won eighteen. 3 Australian, 2 French, 9 Wimbledon and 4 USA titles. This tally left her second only to Stefi Graf in all time singles Grand Slam titles. Martina is also second in the all time ranking of doubles titles, achieving twenty of those with Pam Shriver and another eleven with other partners. In mixed doubles she won a modest ten Grand Slam trophies. In all tournaments therefore, Martina Navratilova ended her career with FIFTY-NINE Grand Slam trophies in her cabinet.

How many times did Roger Federer win 3 of the 4 grand slams in the same calendar Year?

nohe has won all four but not in a calendar year

How many grand slam has Rafael Nadal won?

Nadal has won 6 Grand Slams: 4 French, 1 Wimbledon, 1 Australian.Currently aged 24, Rafael Nadal from Spain has currently won nine Grand Slam titles, with two at Wimbledon in 2008 and 2010, one at the US Open in 2010, one at the Australian Open in 2009, and five at the French Open in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.