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This question is a bit unclear, it doesn't tell if you're:

A) just talking about the crank arm,


B) if you want the chain to go on the left side

If it's A, then it depends on which type of bottom bracket you've got, it's different if it's cottered, square taper, splined, or BMX style. Cottered cranks use wedges to hold them on, square taper use bolts that go into the BB axle. Splined can use either a square taper style axial screw or a pinch bolt. BMX tends to use pinch bolts. Then there are cranks where the left crank arm is permanently bonded to the bb axle

if it's B, it's not really advisable to use a right sided crank on the left side of the bike. There's something called precession, which tends to cause the pedal to come off.

Left side cranks use a counter-clockwise pedal thread to avoid the problem.

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Q: Which way do put a crank on a bmx?
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What is a BMX crank?

A crank (or a crankset) is the thing that sits in the middle of the bicycle, has the chain on it and have the pedals attached to it.

Will any crank fit on any bmx?

No, only the one that was made for it.

How do you find out your bmx crank size?

You measure it. A ruler and a caliper are useful.

Can you fit a 3 piece crank on a bmx which had a i piece crank?

Yes you can, but take it to a bike shop or someone who knows what they are doing

How many parts are one a Bmx bike?

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What is the smallest amount of teethe you can have on a pro bmx crank?

By crank do you mean sproket? The smallest iv seen is a 22t but there may be smaller, or do you mean 3pc cranks?

How many spindles on a bmx?

The only thing on a BMX regularly called a spindle would be the crank axle. Although I suppose one could use spindle for the pedals and the wheel axles as well.

Does a small crank make a bmx bike fast?

Usually not. It'll be fast at the start, but a small crank will limit top speed unless you can turn the pedals really fast.

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How do you fit stunt pegs onto Apollo bikes?

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