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usually swim-bike-run but it can differ depending on the race.

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In a Triathlon the order of sports is... swimming followed by cycling and finally running.

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Combination of 3 sports: Swimming, biking ,and running - typically in that order

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Cycling, Swimming and Running

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Q: Which three sports are completed in during a triathlon?
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What are three sports in a triatholon?

Biking, Swimming, and Running are the sports in a triathlon.

What three athletic sports compromise the triathlon?

Running, biking, and swimming

Athletic contest of 10 sports?

An athletic contest of ten sports is a decathlon and a contest of three sports is a triathlon

What sports items begins with T?

Tennis, triathlon and triple jump are sports. Additional sports include T-ball, tug-o-war and three-legged race.

What are some sports that start with the letter t?

Triathlon, triple jump, tug-o-war and three-legged race are sports. They begin with the letter t.

What is an event that contains three different sports?

Triathlon. Swimming, bicycle, running.... and doubtless some anorak will give you the distances for Olympic and Ironman triathlons.

Witch three Olympic sports made their debut in 2000?

The three Olympic sports that debuted at the 2000 summer Olympics were the triathlon, trampoline, and taekwondo. The trampoline involves doing aerial tricks while on a trampoline.

What is the Definition of a triathlon?

Tri - Means Three Athlon - Means Competition A Triathlon literally refers to any competition of three sports/activities. However, it has linked with the Swim/Bike/Run competition, that goes by the name "Triathlon".

For what sports event is Matt Reed best known?

Matt Reed is a triathlete. A triathlon consists of three endurance disciplines (swimming, cycling and running).

What is a race in three parts?

It is a triathlon

How many does a triangle have?

A triangle has three sides. The word 'tri' means three so anything with 'tri' in means it has three 'somethings.' For example, a tricycle has three wheels, and a triathlon is made up of three sports (swimming, running and cycling).

What are the main types of Triathlon?

The three main events that happen in a triathlon are:KayakingCyclingRunningI hope Ive helped :)