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Andre Agassi

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Q: Which tennis player was once married to actress Brooke Shields?
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What Actress married a hockey player?

the ones on the ice

Who is an actress who is married to Andre Agassi?

he's married to Steffi Graf,german tennis player

Who is the male Australian tennis player that is married to an actress?

Lleyton Hewitt

How tall is James Shields?

MLB player James Shields is 6'-04''.

Who is the Liverpool footballer who is married to actress sheree Murphy?

She is married to Ex-liverpool player, Harry Kewell. The Australian now plays for Gala in Turkey.

Where was James Shields born?

MLB player James Shields was born in Newhall, CA.

Does James Shields bat right or left?

MLB player James Shields bats right.

Does James Shields throw right or left?

MLB player James Shields throws right.

How much does James Shields weigh?

MLB player James Shields weighs 215 pounds.

Who is Joanna Garcia married to?

Joanna Garcia, an American television and film actress, is married to Nick Swisher, a professional baseball player for the American Major League Baseball (MLB).

When and where was baseball player Vince Shields born?

Vince Shields was born November 18, 1900, in Fredericton, NB, CAN.

How much money does James Shields make?

MLB player James Shields made $13500000 in the 2014 season.