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Q: Which physical forces are used while cycling?
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What is a bidon?

a water bottle specially shaped to be used on bicycles

Where can one purchase power meters?

A power meter is used in cycling and is a measure of the electrical power used while cycling. It calculates the power output of a cyclist. Power meters are available for main high street stockist and any cycling related internet based store.

Why are balanced and unbalanced forces used?

Balanced forces are used to keep an object at rest or moving at a constant velocity, while unbalanced forces are used to accelerate or decelerate an object. Both types of forces are necessary to understand the motion of objects and how they interact with their environment.

Which sport is a velondrome used?


For which sport is a veledrome used?


What are cycling bibs used for?

Cycling bibs are used for another word for them is cycling shorts. They often are black made of lycra, and tight, fairly short and made with a flexible material. Some brands of cycling bibs shorts are Castelli Aero Race and Santini.

What are guppies used for?

Cycling fish tanks

What is the equipment and outfits used in Olympic cycling?


What is name of motorbike used for pacing cycling?


What training regimes are used by the Cannondale cycling team?

The training regimes that are used by the Cannondale cycling team are riding a total of ninety minutes, but at different intervals on different terrains.

For what sport is a velodrome used?

Apparently velodromes are used for cycling races.

What quantity is used to measure force?

Element and compounds can move from one phase to another phase when special physical forces are present.