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Q: Which golfing term means to be ahead by as many holes as there are left to play?
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What does the scoring of 4 and 3 or 3 and 2 mean at the Ryder Cup?

Basically if someone has won 4 and 3 this means they were 4 holes up, with only 3 holes left to play. The Ryder Cup is played in a matchplay format, so holes are won and lost, 4 up would be an aggregate score of 4 holes ahead.

What is the hole called that is left from golfing?

A cup. Or maybe a divot.

What is dormi in golf?

A Dormie Hole in golf refers to a hole in match play that signifies a player is ahead in the match equal to the amount of holes left. (For example if someone is 2 up with 2 holes to play it is dormie).

What does it mean to win eight up and six to play in golf?

It means being 7 holes ahead with only 6 left to play (ie. impossible to catch up so that match is called at that point). It also means the match only had to get to the 12th hole to decide it.

What does the french word dormi mean?

In golf, dormie means, that a player is up, by as many holes that are left. They only have to halve or win one of the remaining holes to win the match.

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