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Amen Corner is a famous part of Augusta National Golf Club.

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Q: Which famous US golf course is the home of Amen Corner?
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What holes comprise amen corner?

The holes that comprise amen corner 11,12 and 13 holes. Augusta National Golf stretches 3 holes and in total is 7,435 yd in length and was open in 1933.

What is Amen Corner?

It is a stretch of 3 holes at Augusta National Golf Club, 11, 12 and 13.

What are holes 11 12 and 13 known as at Augusta National?

These holes are known as Amen Corner. It is one of the most exciting stretches of holes in all of golf. It is so called because you have to pray you can finish these holes less than even par!

What is a famous private golf course in America?

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Where are the top rated golf courses?

Some of the most highly rated golf courses in the world are located in the United States. Pebble Beach Golf Links in California has a view of the Pacific Coast, while the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia offers three of the sport's toughest holes, dubbed "The Amen Corner." Golfers traveling out of the US can also find top rated courses in other countries, such as the Royal Melbourne in Australia, or the St. Andrews Course in Scotland, which offers holes for novice golfers as well as experts.

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