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Q: Where to buy Venus Williams eleven?
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What is Venus Williams latest endorsement deal?

Her clothing line Eleven.

What is the name of the tennis player who has a clothing line?

Venus Williams its called Eleven

Why did Venus Williams name her clothing line eleven?

She says because its "one better than ten."

Where can I buy tennis DVD's of Venus and Serena Williams?

You could buy it from grocery store

Do the Williams sister have fashion line?

Serena has a fashion line in production called Aneres and Venus has a line called Eleven.

What is the name of Venus Williams clothing line?

In 2007,she teamed with Steve & Barry's to launch her own fashion clothing line EleVen

Why did Venus Williams call her clothes line Eleven?

Maybe because when she made the outfit it was for 11 year olds or it is suppose to be 11 dollads

Who is the oldest out of Venus and Serena Williams?

Venus Williams

What is Venus Williams contributions?

what is Venus Williams contributions?

Who is Serena Williams' oldest sister?

Serena Williams oldest sister is venus williams.

When was Venus Williams born?

Venus Williams was born on June 17, 1980

What is Venus Williams's middle name?

Venus Ebone Starr Williams