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U can buy one on Craigslist (used)

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Q: Where should you buy a good but cheap fixie bike in ssf?
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Were can you get a cheap but good bike?

What's the best starter BMX bike?

If you haven't ridden a bike before at all I'd suggest that you don't start with a fixie. If you already know how to ride, and want to take up fixie riding, then go for a bike with front + rear brakes and good pedal-to-ground clearance(=short cranks).

What are good websites to get dirt bikes from?

a good cheap beginner bike is Orion 125cc

What is a good starter motobike for a teenager?

xr200 a good starting bike cheap and reliable

Would a kx 85cc be a good bike for you if so were could you get a cheap one you are 14?

Yes, this would be a good bike for you if you are 14 years of age. This motorcycle is a dirt bike.

What is a good but cheap dirt bike for a 12 year old?

a xr 100

What is a good indoor bike trainer for in home exercise that's not to expensive?

Bike trainers vary greatly in price and quality. Spin Doctor and Travel Trac make decent good trainers without spending a great deal of money. If you are using your road bike, you should change the rear tire of the bike to either an old tire or a cheap 1 to save wear and tear on the one you have installed.

How can I turn my vintage road bike into a fixie?

If it truly is a vintage bike - don't. Whatever value it has will disappear when you hack it up. But If you insist: Start with finding out what kind of dropouts you have. Only bikes with (semi) horizontal rear dropouts are good fixie candidates. Next check your rear OLD - Over Locknut Distance. Basically the width of your rear hub, the distance between the rear dropouts. Then go shopping for a fixie rear wheel with the same OLD. Install fixie wheel. Check what your chainline looks like. If you have a double crank, you might get a better (=more parallel with the plane of the frame) If you use the inner chainring. If that doesn't give a tall enough gear you might have to shift the rings around. Or swap to a Single-Speed crankset and a shorter Bottom Bracket. Once happy with that, fit chain and ride.

How much does a kids bike tire cost?

They can be anything from about 8$ for a cheap one to 15-16 for a good quality one.

What should you get ATV or dirt bike?

dirtbike, for sure. but dont get a crappy trail bike. get a good race bike, even if you dont race

Where should you stay in Peru?

stay in a good hotel cheap but good:)

What is the top speed of a 110 pit bike?

for a pit bike in good condition a 110cc bike should be expected to hit 60MPH but mine hits 68MPH