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Q: Where part of your hand is the forehand?
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What is the F.D.A. approved chip implanted in hand or forehand?

The Digital Angel chip is the F.D.A. approved chip that is implanted in hand or forehand.

What tennis shot is the opposite of a backhand stroke?

The opposite is forehand (as in tennis).

What are the 3 part of backhand of forehand stroke?

3 parts of backhand and forehand stroke

What is Tomas berdych's forehand grip?

He use a semi western grip for forehand and for his backhand he use continental grip (right hand), eastern grip (left hand)

Who makes f and w hand guns?

Forehand & Wadsworth

What is a forehand stroke in tennis?

It is a stroke played to your stronger hand side. For example; if you are right handed, your forehand would be the shot on the right. The forehand is normally played with only one hand, and usually you're strongest side. Hope this helped! If this question helped you, please recommend me! =)

What is the difference between backhand welding and forehand welding?

back hand welding is when you pull the welding rod or whatever it is that you are using and forehand is when you push it ahead

What are the 2 shots in tennis?

basic: forehand, backhand, serve, lob. advanced: topspin, slice, flat, and dropshot

What grip do you use for forehand?

The grip that you use for forehand is to stretch out your hand like your going to shake someones hand , and slightly tilt it to the left for right handers. Use a firm but not tight grip

What is a forehand pass in hockey?

It is simply a pass using the players natural stance. A players stick is curved depending on if they are right or left handed. A pass using the concave section of the stick is a forehand pass and a pass using the other side of the blade is a backhand pass. Backhand passes are usually less powerful and accurate because they go against the players natural stance.

What shot is roger better at back or forehand?

Most people have more strength in right hand than left so i think his best shot is Forehand. I can surely tell if i played with him....

What does forehand stand for in table tennis?

A forehand shot is a shot that is executed where the palm of your hand is facing your opponent, to the right side of the elbow for a right handed player and vice versa for a left handed player.