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Get the third Wiggler body part. It will eventually run away to Bafflewood. There is a secret area in Bafflewood. Find it and get the Wiggler part. A secret passage will be opened up. Go there, and there will be the Bowling ball.

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Q: Where do you find the bowling ball in Paper Mario Sticker Star?
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Does paper Mario sticker star have multiplayer?

No multiplayer

Is paper Mario sticker star on GameCube?

No. It's for the 3DS.

When will Super Paper Mario 2 come out?

Paper Mario Sticker Star's date is Christmas 2012

What do you use for the jar in oasis in paper Mario sticker star?

The faucet.

Where do you find the hair dryer in paper Mario sticker star?

in the mansion

What day does paper Mario sticker star comes out?

November 11 2012

Can life items in paper Mario sticker star be reused?

password super mario3

How do you get back a toad selling a rare sticker for 200 coins in paper Mario sticker star?

you cant, but the sticker he sells its not worth it (its a poison mushroom)

Where can one buy a Paper Mario sticker star?

Paper Mario sticker star is a Nintendo DS game that can be purchased at your local GameStop store. Also you should be able to find this game at your local Walmart, Office Max or Target stores.

Is paper Mario in Nintendo DS?

Paper Mario Sticker Star is on the Nintendo 3ds. My opinion on that game is not as good as the other 3 games before.

Should you get paper Mario sticker star from eshop or retail?

e-shop (it costs less)

How do you turn off the hose in paper Mario sticker star?

Jump on the faucet a few times.