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Well it depends if your in NZ you can buy them at kmart in henderson. Basicly just ring up all the toys shops kmart , toy world ETC ETC hope that helped

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Q: Where do you buy green machine wheels or any other wheels that will fit a huffy slider?
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Replacement parts for huffy green machine 2?

call huffy parts department 1800-872-2453

Where can you find replacement wheels for the green machine big wheel?

Contact huffy bikes at 800 872 2453. The replacement wheels run $24 a pair with shipping included.

Where would you be able to buy a pair of rear wheels for your huffy green machine?

huffy should be selling them but I'm not sure I'm looking as well i need them for twin drift trikes try ebay

NEED TO find a new seat for the green machine?

Need replacement seat for green machine by huffy

Does the huffy Disney cars slider tricycle work like a regular huffy slider?

Yes. The fork looks a bit different, but that's styling only.

Where can you find a set for the huffy green machine?

fonefunshop sell them

How do you find a replacement flag for the huffy green machine?

Plenty of places, I'll post a link.

What is the weight limit on the huffy green machine?

The tricycle called the Huffy Green Machine, produced by the company Huffy, are made for two age groups. There's the Green Machine Jr. which is intended for ages 5-8 years. Then there is the standard Green Machine, intended for ages 8 years and up. Being a tricycle, most children would probably grow out of the 8+ version within a few years. This would depend a lot on the child and what the child finds "cool".

How long do huffy slider wheels last?

It depends on what u do with it. If u slide on the steepest hills they will break on the first slide. If u slide on flat ground they will last much longer (3-7 days.) :) $$$$$$ :)

How do you find a replacement front tire for the Huffy Green Machine?

call them and they will ship one out to you. 1800-872-2453. I am ordering back tires at $24 for the pair including shipping.

What things on wheels start with h?

* Harley Davidson motorcyle * Honda (car) * Honda motorcycle * Huffy bicycle

Drift trike parts?

Madazz Trikes build hand make drift trikes to suit your needs, and supply Drift Trikes parts including upgrades for the Huffy Slider.