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Have you tried a web search? Local Library? Do a web search on Harrington and Richardson Books and you will find some sources.

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Q: Where can you find information on a Harrington Richardson model 52 single shot bolt action 22 caliber rifle?
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What is the value Harrington and richardson bolt action ultra rifle?

Depends on condition, caliber, etc.. Prices can range from 100-700 USD

How old is a harrington and richardson 32 caliber pistol serial 225792?

Not enough information provided for clear answer. Description of type of "pistol" - semi-auto or revolver, markings on firearm, type of action, etc. needed.

What is the value of a Harrington and Richardson Arms co 5 shot double action 32 caliber pistol April 7 1896 F42872?

50-75 or so

What is the value of a 16 gauge Harrington and Richardson bolt action shotgun?

About $100.

When was a harrington and richardson sportsman double action 22 pistol with serial number P63056 made?

"P" prefix indicates 1953

What year is harrington richardson sportsman double action 22 revolver serial A9667?


What is the age of a 12 gauge Harrington and Richardson bolt action shotgun?


Where can I find a Clip for 16 gauge bolt action Harrington Richardson?

Try Gun Parts Corp

What is the value of a Harrington and Richardson 22 rifle bolt action Targeteer worth?

25-175 usd

What would the value of an Harrington Richardson Young America double action 22 revolver?

50-100 USD

What is a Harrington Richardson model 25 bolt action 22 serial number 1632 sportster rifle worth?

Need more information. I Cannot find a reference to an H&R Model 25 bolt action rifle

Where can I find information about 22 caliber Harrington and Richardson revolver serial number S23054?

Start at your local library. Well, that's one place to go - check a copy of the "Blue Book of Gun Values" by Steve Fjestad - look under the Harrington & Richardson Inc. identification section. You'll need to determine model. With that "S" prefix it could be a pre 1940 Hinged frame, 9 shot Single Action Sportsman, or it could be any of as many as a dozen other models made in 1956. Big difference there.