Where can you buy molitor golf alls?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Where can you buy molitor golf alls?
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What is the history of molitor golf balls?

In 1973 there was 3 golf balls rolled out, by Spalding, for 3 different markets. The Molitor, named after Robert P. "BOB" Molitor (the inventor of the two piece golf ball) the Flying Lady, for women, and the Straight Shooter, a training aide for beginners. The first Molitor ball was offered in a very unique triangle shape box of 3 balls in a dozen box with a Panther on the box, not the standard "tray" of 3 balls. Each Molitor had a different serial number. So if anything like a crack, or cut, etc. the user could return it to his local Pro Shop and get a replacement. Each Molitor ball also was held to the tightest specs and quality as possible. By putting a serial number on each ball Spalding could go back to the day, time and batch the ball was made in to see what caused the ball to cut scrape or crack.

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