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Q: When was gymnastics first performed in Australia?
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How has Australia performed in event of gymnastics over the history of the olympic games?

Australia has not won a medal in gymnastics competition at the Summer Olympic Games. However, they have won a silver in trampoline. That was by Ji Wallace in men's trampoline competition at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Why gymnastics is a sport?

The defficlty of the moves performed

Who is the best girl at gymnastics?

For Australia I love Naazmi! :)

When did men gymnastics originate?

Men were actually the first to compete in gymnastics in the ancient Greek Olympics. Women were not only prohibited from competing but also prohibited from viewing the sport because the men performed nude.

Why is gymnastics not as popular in Australia as it is in the US?

Australia has never had an Olympic champion like the US has.

Where was the first championship in gymnastics held?

were was the first championship for gymnastics held

Who opend the first gymnastics place?

who opened the first gymnastics place ever

Did gymnastics win any medals in 2012 for Australia?


Why gymnastics not calisthenics at the Olympics?

Because Calisthenics is only done in Australia. So, if it was in the olympic games then Australia would have no one to compete against. Gymnastics however, is a worldwide sport so there is competition.

What country was gymnastics first started?

Germany was the first country get gymnastics to be started.

Who began gymnastics?

They first used gymnastics in army training.

Who made gymnastics first?

The ancient Greeks invented gymnastics