When the badminton started?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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the English Badminton federation was foundedin 1983.and it conduct first all England championship in 1899(one of the most prestigious tournament in international circuit)

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Q: When the badminton started?
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When did Lee Chong Wei start playing badminton?

Lee started playing Badminton at the age of 8.

Badminton country started?


When and where did badminton start?

Badminton started in India, during the 18th century (1700s).

When was the first badminton club started?


When did the badminton start?

It was started in mid 18th century.

Who made the name badminton?

it's because the sport officialy started in a stately home in the town of badminton, England

What year did shooting became a olympic sport?

shooting started in 1950 when the badminton started

What is the name Sudirman related to?

Every two years there is a big badminton tournament called the Sudirman Cup named after Dick Sudirman, a former badminton player who started the Badminton Association of Indonesia.

When did Lin Dan start playing badminton?

The first "poona" club (badminton) was established in 1873, at Bath, England.

Where badminton came from?

A similar game to badminton was developed in Greece 2000 years ago .Officialy started in a stately home in Gloucestershire in the 16th century . IBF (international badminton federation) was founded in 1934

How is play started in badminton?

first grab the racket to the right and beat the cork

Who invented badminton and the name and the state or country?

The name of the person who invented Badminton isn't known. However, it is known that it was invented in India, and originally called 'Poona.' British soldiers stationed in India during the Raj learned to play the game, and brought the rules and equipment back to England when they returned. The Duke of Beaufort is credited with introducing the name 'Badminton' in 1873. His estate was known as Badminton, and people who played the game there, started calling it 'that Badminton game.'