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It is entirely up to yourself, but common sense should prevail. If you are playing a competition and the general pace of play is slow then there may be no benefit in letting group through.However if you have fallen a hole behind you should let the group behind you through. There are a number of factors to consider, if you are in a four ball and a two ball is behind you then obviously you should let them through. Also if the players behind you are better players you could consider letting them through as they are generally going to be quicker. Many ettiquette guides and some score cards say one balls have no place on the course, in my opinion this is completely outdated yet many players fail to acknowledge a single player will be much quicker than a four ball. Generally, if you are playing and the group behind you have nearly finished putting out on the green when you are only teeing off, and there is no one in front of you - you could let them through.

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Q: When should you call another player through in golf?
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