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Q: When did sand traps become called bunkers?
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When did Augusta National begin using crushed marble for sand traps?

They don't use that in the bunkers.

What are golf gps units for and are they usefull?

Golf gps are used mainly by golfers and by sportsmen alike. They are used to find bunkers, sand traps, and water traps on a golf course. If you are a competative golfer, they are useful.

Why are therer sand traps on golf courses?

Sand traps, also known as bunkers, are designed to add challenge and strategic elements to the game of golf. They act as hazards that golfers must navigate around, adding difficulty to shots and requiring finesse and skill to get out of successfully. Sand traps also add visual interest and aesthetic appeal to the golf course.

What helps to trap sand on a beach?

Sand dunes can help trap sand on a beach, they can also be called sand traps. It is a natural way of keeping sand on a beach.

How sand traps warm?

because of the sand particles

How many sand traps are in a golf course?

The number of sand traps in a golf course can vary from course to course. For example, in my local course, it boasts only 35 sand traps averaging about 2 per hole. However, a golf course to my north has about 130 sand traps. Sand traps absolutely vary per course and can also reflect the other hazards that may be on the course. A course that has plenty of water may have fewer sand traps purely because there is already the penalty of water. Same can be said going visa-versa.

Sand traps and lakes are examples of?


Who invented the green in golf?

Scottish Sheep who liked the taste of the bentgrass and ate it very close to the ground.All aspects of the game of golf came originally from nature, eg: bunkers (sand traps) were hollows in the sandy links land where sheep would lie down to get out of the wind.

What do Americans call a bunker in golf?

Us Americans call bunkers, bunkers. But some beginners call it a sand trap. Other names for it is the kitty litter, the beach, the desert, and so forth.

What is the function of sand in a water puifier?

Sand traps large particles - such as paper, stones and other foreign objects.

Why are the sand traps at Augusta so white?

They are made from crushed marble

What are paintballing bunkers made out of?

Usually plastic. But they can be made out of wood, dirt, sand bags, or any other misc. item you can find.