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Q: When did highbury get knocked down?
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Why was Highbury stadium demolished?

Because Arsenal board bought them a new plot of land for the Emirates and before at Highbury they were refused stadium expansions, after the Emirates was built they no longer needed the ground and there was plans to build new houses in the area. So they sold the land to developers who knocked it down themselves.

How did the twin towers get knocked down?

peeps knocked it down

How did Stonehenge get knocked down And by who?

Though no single volume can document how Stonehenge got knocked down, it is believed it was knocked down by an earthqauke.

Who is the owner of highbury stadium?

Highbury is owned by Arsenal.

When was Highbury College created?

Highbury College was created in 1963.

What is the largest attendance at highbury?

It could be 40,000 spectators at Highbury.

Why does a pandas habtitat get knocked down?

the habitats are getting knocked down because the affcinas

When was Margam Castle knocked down?

Margam Castle has never been knocked down or invaded.

When was Highbury Korfball Club created?

Highbury Korfball Club was created in 1998.

When was Highbury Preparatory School created?

Highbury Preparatory School was created in 1903.

What year was 'you get knocked down' released?

'Tubthumping' by Chumbawamba (I get knocked down but I get up again) was released in 1997.

Can you be knocked over by being shot?

You can be knocked down but not blown backwards.