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John Hawkes - tennis - died in 1990.

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Q: When did John Hawkes - tennis - die?
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When was John Hawkes - tennis - born?

John Hawkes - tennis - was born in 1899.

When did John Hawkes - novelist - die?

John Hawkes - novelist - died in 1998.

When was John Hawkes - novelist - born?

John Hawkes - novelist - was born in 1925.

What is the birth name of Johnny Hawkes?

Johnny Hawkes's birth name is John Douglas Hawkes.

When was John Hawkes - actor - born?

John Hawkes - actor - was born on 1959-09-11.

When did John Hartley - tennis - die?

John Hartley - tennis - died on 1935-08-21.

When did Thomas Hawkes die?

Thomas Hawkes died in 1555.

When did Leonard Hawkes die?

Leonard Hawkes died in 1981.

When did Clarence Hawkes die?

Clarence Hawkes died in 1954.

When did Herbert Hawkes die?

Herbert Hawkes died in 1943.

When did Henry Hawkes die?

Henry Hawkes died in 1886.

When did Christopher Hawkes die?

Christopher Hawkes died in 1992.