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Jesse Owens won his first gold medal in the 100 meter dash on August 3, 1936. He won gold in the long jump on August 4, gold in the 200 meter dash on August 5, and gold in the 4x100 meter relay on August 9.

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Q: When did Jesse Owens win his first medal?
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Who was the first black to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics?

Jesse Owens was the fisrt black to win a gold medal

Jesse Owens was the first black African American to do what?

win an olympic gold medal

Who was the first to win 4 gold medals in one Olympics?

It was Jesse Owens. In 1936 Jesse Owens was the first sprinter to win four Olympic golds in one year. Athlete Carl Lewis matched his record in 1984.

What impact on society did Jesse Owens have?

Being one of the African American to win the 100m. And do good in Long jump to win first place. Hitler said that all white man were Superior but Jesse Owens proved it doesn't matter.

How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win?

¨He has won approximately 8 awards - ¨Nobel Prize in Physics ¨Copley Medal ¨Max Planck Medal ¨Franklin Medal ¨Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society ¨Matteucci Medal ¨Benjamin Franklin Medal, ¨Time Person of the Century

Who was the first African-American to win 4 gols medals in the Olympics?

Jesse Owens.

Where did Jesse Owens win his gold medals?

Jesse Owens won his gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Who was the black African person that won four gold medals in 1936 olympic games?

John Baxter Taylor was the first African American person to receive a gold medal in the Olympics. He received this gold medal in the Olympics of 1908.

First American to win four gold medals in a single Olympics in 1936?

Jesse Owens

Was Jesse Owens the third black person to participate in the Olympics?

no he was the first blackman to win the olympics in berlyn

Who was the first person to win the Super Bowl?

Jesse Owens was the first person to win the Superbowl. He achieved this feat in 1936 despite the fact that at the time he was an American.

What did Jesse Owens win gold in?

100 yard dash