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Q: What year were lynx radius soles golf clubs made?
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Who makes lynx tigress clubs?

Lynx Tigress clubs are made by a company called Golfsmith International Holdings Inc. Golfsmith bought out Lynx Golf Inc. in 1998.

Are lynx golf clubs good quality?

used to have a lynx driver and loved it, but that was a long time ago.

Who makes lynx golf clubs?

Golfsmith currently owns the trademark to the Lynx brand. Not sure where they are produced.

Who was the professional golfer who endorsed lynx golf clubs?

Ernie & fred couples both indorsed lynx I think maybe Ben Crenshaw too

Who makes the lynx blackcat golf ball?


Where can you get Lynx core golf hat?

Only through Golfsmith.

What is a lynx golf course?

A "links" style golf course is one with rolling hills and tall brush. The quintessential links style courses are those in Scotland.

How many lynx species are there?

There are four species of lynx: the Eurasian lynx, the Iberian lynx, the Canadian lynx, and the bobcat (sometimes considered a lynx species).

What is the scientific name of Eurasian lynx?

Lynx lynx is the scientific name of an Eurasian lynx

What is the scientific name for the liberian lynx?

There are several different types of lynx and each species has its own Latin name: Lynx Lynx - the Eurasian Lynx Lynx canadensis - the Canadian Lynx Lynx pardinus - the Iberian Lynx Lynx rufus - the famous bobcat (N. America) Hope this helps :D

What is the scientific name for a lynx?

That depends on which species of lynx:Lynx canadensis - Canada lynxLynx lynx - Eurasian lynxLynx pardinus - Iberian lynxLynx rufus - Bobcat

Are the lynx and the bobcat the same thing?

Yes and no. 'Lynx' is a genus of cat. There are four species in this genus. From largest to smallest. Lynx lynx - Asian lynx Lynx canadensis - Canadian lynx Lynx pardinus - Iberian lynx Lynx rufus - Red lynx (aka bobcat) I'm assuming by 'lynx' you mean the Canadian lynx. The bobcat is a separate species from the Canadian lynx. They share the same genus/family of cats, but they are not the same species.