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Q: What year did the titleist D907 driver come out?
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How much did Titleist spend in advertising last year?

4 billion

How many balls are made each year by titelist?

Titleist produces over 1 billion golf balls each year.

How many golf balls did Titleist manufacture in 2011?

850 million per year. :0) at 3.75 each = 3.2 billion

What year was the Titleist Acushnet DT golf ball made?

Acushnet introduced the Dynamite Thread (DT) ball in 1948. The Durable Titleist (DT) ball was introduced in 1974 and had a cut-resistant cover as opposed to the easy to cut balata cover on the pro version.

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Be more specific. What kind of driver? What model and year?

Can a 17 year old driver have an 18 year old passenger?

yes a driver can have passengers of any age AFTER they driver has had his/her licens for over a year

How much does a bus driver earn a year?

About 15,000 a year

What year was Donald Driver born?

Donald Driver was born on February 2, 1975.

What is average salary for tractor trailer driver?

A company OTR driver average is about $60k per year. A local driver about $40k per year. Experience plays a significant part in income.

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In what year did Nike become a sponsor for Tiger Woods?

Nike became Tiger Woods official sponsor in August 1996 along with Titleist. At the time was considered the most lucrative endorsement contracts in golf history.