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Jack Nicklaus played his final British Open at St. Andrews in 2005.

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Q: What year did Jack Niclaus retire from British Open?
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Who won the British Open after Jack Nickolaus?


Who won the british open in 1978?

Jack Nicklaus at St Andrews

Where was 1966 British open played?

Muirfield, Scotland. Jack Nicklaus won his first British Open, and his fourth Major on 11th Jully 1966. Incidentally, the 1966 British open is noteable for two firsts - the first time it was shown live in the US, and the first time the four-day format was used. Previously the British open was held over three days, with 36 holes being played on the Friday. No charge for the extra information.

Which golfer won the Masters Tournament and the British Open in 1966?

Harry Vardon

Where did Nicklas win the British Open?

Jack Nicklaus won the British Open on 3 occasions: 1966 at Muirfield (near Edinburgh) 1970 at St Andrews (after play-off with Doug Saunders) 1978 at St Andrews A great man and much loved in St Andrews.

Who made the longest shot in the British open?

There is no such tournament as the British Open do you mean the Open Championship?

Who won the British open?

Louis Oosthuizen won the 2010 british open

When was Women's British Open created?

Women's British Open was created in 1976.

Which is better the US Open or the British Open?

Us open

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

What type of playing surface is used at the British Open?

The British Open is played on a grass surface.

Who holds the record for the most runner up finishes in the British Open?

Jack Nicklaus was runner up seven times (1964, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1979)