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It's not Royal Union. It's Royce Union. And it's not worth anything. It's about the worst quality bicycle anyone could ever imagine.

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Q: What would a royal union BMX bicycle frame from 10-20 years ago cost?
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Can wood be used to make frame of bicycle?

Yes, but would be heavy and not as strong as steel.

What is a mass of a bicycle is it 1.370kg?

1.37 kilos would just be enough for a rather light bicycle frame, without any parts stuck to it.

What would happen if a bicycle made by glass?

A glass bicycle would likely be very fragile and prone to breaking easily. It would not be a practical material for a bicycle frame due to its lack of strength and durability. Additionally, the weight of glass would not be suitable for use in a bicycle, impacting its functionality.

What should you do if you decided to paint over your bicycle frame and messed up?

Sand it down and repaint I would think would be the way to go.

Can you fix a bicycle frame that is bent?

Yes but it is hard you may want to take it to a welding shop because they might be able to fix it but they may not know how to so it would be easiest to get a new bicycle.

What is a chemical change for a bicycle frame?

A chemical change for a bicycle frame would involve a reaction that changes the composition of the material making up the frame. For example, if the frame undergoes rusting due to exposure to oxygen and moisture, this would be a chemical change as the iron in the frame reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide.

Where can you buy a bicycle for petite women?

Oh, plenty of places. I'd recommend starting by giving the local bicycle club a call, they should be able to recommend a dealer that has a good selection of frame sizes available. The cheaper way would probably be simply to buy a MTB with a small frame, but it would probably need some further adaptation to suit the purpose.

Who is Isaac R Johnson?

It is a misconception that Isaax Johnson invented the bicycle frame. He did patent a modern looking folding bicycle frame in 1899. Its parts could be taken apart for more compact storage. Prior to Johnsons invention, Comte Mede de Sivrac and Karl von Sauerbronn built primitive versions of the bicycle in 1791 and 1816 respectively. The frame of John Starley's 1885 "safety bicycle" resembled that of a modern bicycle. Following Starley, there was an early bike design by Harmon D. Moise which included a freewheel that allowed the rider to coast, and the pedals would remain in one position during coasting.

If you were racing in a velodrome would you be riding on a horse or a bicycle?

A bicycle

When would a bicycle rider not be accelerating?

A bicycle often "coasts along".

Does a bicycle have a mass of 15 grams?

No. That would be a very light bicycle

When passing a bicycle pass as you would a car?

When you pass a bicycle, you pass it the same way you would if it is a car.