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Q: What were the three imabs describing three different settings relate to crimes done on the girl?
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relate the force of gavity on the different object to their masses relate the force of gavity on the different object to their masses relate the force of gavity on the different object to their masses

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Some products have it noted as Julian date and I am not able to relate it to current calendar date/year.

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There is a bad omen called a nagutchi that might eat you if you don't set the table right

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Playback quality is dependent on both the format and file size as they relate to the playback device.

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beliefsstruggling through unwanted task,describing the purpose of somethingyour essay will really be an eye catcher if you can relate it to yourself or groups of political people

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The word relate means to take a different idea and compare/contrast to your previous experience. I relate money to buying power. It is easy to relate to another person's experience in game play. I can relate to another person with problems. No one follow this... It doesnt make sense

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The denser the medium, the faster sound travels in it.