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Q: What were the lofts of palmer axiom irons?
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What are lofts on i3 irons?

Go to the Ping website and check past clubs. They will most likely be the same lofts as the current i range.

What lofts are 2.0 irons?

It varies with the brand or model of the club, but it is usually about 17 degrees.

Is there a list of lofts for all golf clubs?

On clubs such as the Driver, fairway woods rescue clubs and wedges usually have their lofts on them. For irons you can get a list usually from the manufacturers website.

What are the lofts of taylormade rbz irons?

The Taylormade website will have full information on club specs.

Wilson Arnold palmer personal irons 2-9 iron what are they worth and when were they produced?

Wilson Arnold Palmer Personal Irons 2 through 9 were sold exclusivly at Joseph Horne Co. in Pittsburgh for $63.95.

What clubs are numbered and are usually used in the fairway?

These are called irons, they are numbered 1-9 with various lofts and lengths. They can be used from the rough or anywhere, as can fairway woods.

When was Heinz Lofts created?

Heinz Lofts was created in 1927.

What are lofts on macgregor muirfield irons?

They were: PW 50 9i. 46 8i. 42 7i. 38 6i. 34 5i. 30 4i. 27 3i. 24 2i. 22 I believe that was the original lofts. I know the PW was 50 degrees and there were 4 degrees difference. What I'm not 100 percent certain of was whether they went to 3 degrees from the 5 on down or the 3. I've head a set since 1992 and after having them regrooved and replated I still play them. Greatest irons ever. Hope this helps.

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