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Golf wins, divorce, losing his kids,deprssion and jail

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Q: What were 5 important events in tiger wood's life?
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How is earl woods important in Tiger Woods life?

He taught Tiger Woods when he was just 9 months old to play golf

How an i find out all about Tiger Woods life?

on tiger woods website at

Did Tiger Woods go into the Olympics?

No, Golf hasn't been in the Olympics during Tiger Woods' life time.

What is the teen life of Tiger Woods life?


Has Tiger Woods ever had a biography?

There are quite a few Tiger Woods biographies on the market. There is even a DVD collection about his life.

Did Tiger Woods hava a good family life?

do tiger have bro or sister ?

What was life like Tiger Woods?

Great! He's Rich!

Should Tiger Woods be hated forever?

Yes!!! Tiger Woods used to be a legand, but screwed his life up by cheating with 14+ women! what a fake !

When did tiger wood died?

Tiger Woods is not dead, as of March 2013 he is fit and healthy and expected to live a full life.

What were important events in avi's life?

what were important events in A vi's life

Do Tiger Woods have any struggles in his life?

yes he never gets to see his children

What putting drills does Tiger Woods do?

Practice putting the ball in the hole. He did this his entire life.