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The payout of the Golf players in a given tournament usually depends with the tournament organizers. The U.S. Open payout for 2014 fir instance was $1.8 million .

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Q: What was the payout at the players tournament?
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What was the payout for each team in the 2011 NCAA basketball tournament?


What is the Masters payout?

The winner of the 2008 Masters golf tournament will take home $1.35 million.

What was the payout for all teams in the 2011 ncaa basketball tournament?

two million for each team.

What is the pay scale of the US Open tennis tournament for players?

There are several resources online that cover this topic. Go to the US open tennis website, then navigate to About -> History -> Prize Money

How many players are needed for a poker tournament?

The amount of players in a poker tournament varies from tournament to tournament. For example the poker games played in Vegas accommodate two to approximately sixteen people.

What was the highest payout for a pro bowling tournament?

Do not know. However it is MUCH too low. Compare the top payout for poker e.g. 8 million to Jerry Yang in 2007 or golf, routinely 500K+

If you have 20 players in a tournament with single eliimination have many games must be played to win?

If you have 20 players in a tournament with single elimination, you will have to play 19 games...

What is a Golf Sponsors Exemption?

In PGA Tour events for example the title sponsor of the tournament is allowed to give several players a sponsors exemption,which allows these players into the tournament.

What is a tennis tournament 'draw'?

The list containing the match-ups of all players taking part in the tournament.

How much money is won at the masters golf?

Tiger Woods won $330,667 at the 2011 Master's Tournament.

What does TPC stands for?

Tournament players club

What kind of Insurance do Soccer Players Get?

The tournament's organising committee.