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Given that Haile Gebrselassie's world record time is currently 2hrs 3 mins and 59 seconds then his average speed while doing this was

V= D/T

V= 26.2 miles / 2 hrs 3 mins 59 secs

V= 26.2/ 123.9833333333 secs

V= 0.2097056055921... miles per secons

V= 0.2097056055921... x 60

V= 12.582336335528 miles per hour

so in summary, Haile Gebrselassie was running an average of 12.58 miles per hour when he set his world record in 2008

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Q: What was the pace that he was going at For the fastest marathon runner ever?
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Fastest runner ever in a marrathon?

ben lowry is the worlds fastest runner ever

What is the fastest full marathon ever?

Fastest Time: 2:03:02 Geoffrey Mutai (4/18/11 Boston Marathon)

What is the fastest debut marathon time ever recorded?

Moses Mosop of Kenya ran 2:03:06 at the 2011 Boston Marathon

Who is the world fastest runner 100m?

the first fastest is usain bolt and in second is asafa Powell

What is the fastest ever marathon time?

Fastest Time: 2:03:02 (Geoffrey Mutai, 18APR2011 in the Boston Marathon) *World Record: 2:03:38 (Patrick Makau, 25SEP2011 in the Berlin Marathon)* not recognized by the IAAF as a World Record because it was run on a course with a net elevation loss.

Worlds fastest marathon?

The IAAF regards Patrick Makau's 2:03:38 (Berlin 2011) to be the official men's World Record. However the fastest marathon ever (2:03:02) was run by Geoffrey Mutai (Boston 2011).

Who ran the fastest half marathon ever for a women and what time?

Lornah Kiplagat in 1h06:25 is the fastest recognised record (unassisted course)

How many minutes are in a marathon?

There is no time limit for completing a marathon. Sometimes people who are physically challenged in some way will take until after sunset to complete the race, just to prove to themselves that they can. The fastest time ever recorded for a marathon was just over 123 minutes at the 2011 Boston Marathon.

Who was the first woman to run a marathon in under 2 hours?

no women has run 2 miles in 4 mins. heck no person has run 2 miles in 4 minutes. the fastest mile is 3:43.

How long did Greg Billingham take to complete the London marathon?

It took Greg Billingham just over 7 days to complete the 2007 London marathon and 8 full days to complete the 2008 London marathon. He is the first person in the World to ever run a marathon in slow motion and really is the slowest runner in the World,

What is the fastest six mile run ever?

3 minutes 43.13 seconds by Moroccan runner Hicham El Guerrouj

What is the record for a full marathon?

The fastest marathon run was done so by Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia at the Berlin Marathon on September 28, 2008. His time was 2:03:59. He also holds the second best marathon time, which he achieved at the same marathon a year earlier (September 30, 2007). His time then was 2:04:26. He also holds the 5th, 14th, 23rd, 39th, 48th, and 80th best times, all of which were 2:06:52 and under.