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Q: What was the date when Serena Williams won the Wimbledon finals?
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What man does Serena Williams date?

jakie long

You were wondering when is the starting date for Wimbledon 2008 and when is the dates for the men and womans singles Finals please?

Monday June 23 2008Women's Finals - Saturday July 5Men's Finals- Sunday July 6, 2008.

What is the date of men's semi final Wimbledon 2009?

Barring any delays, the men's Wimbledon semi-finals should take place on the second Friday, i.e. July 3, 2009.

Do Serena Williams date deshawn jonhson a def jam at?

In September 2009,was seen together with Common.Believed to be dating then.

How old is Serena Willams?

Serena Williams began playing tennis at the age of four. This means she has been playing tennis for 29 years. However, she has been playing professionally for 19 years.

Who are the most recognized female athletes in the world?

Serena and Venus Williams sorry that's all i can think of. i don't really keep up-to-date on those sorts of things.

What date did Virginia Wade win the Wimbledon Final?

Virginia Wade won the Wimbledon final on July 1, 1977.

When is starting date for Wimbledon 2010?

21 June 2010

What date is the final Wimbledon match 2009?

5 July

What date was the first FA cup finals?


Do Serena and nate ever date in the second season of Gossip Girl?

No, they date in season three.

Serena Ryder what date is she performing in sudbury Ontario?