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In 1999, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for the first time, using a Trek 5200 bicycle. In future races, Armstrong rode other Models of Trek Bikes, notably including the 14.5 pound Trek 5900 SL in 2003, which was banned the following year due to new weight requirements for the Tour de France (the rule required all bicycles taking part in the race to weigh at least 15 pounds - or 6.8 kilograms).

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Q: What type of cycling gear did Lance Armstrong where?
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Reports indicate that a 1999 test revealed EPO in Armstrong's system. However, since then he's not tested positive for steroids. To be fair to Armstrong, he was legally prescribed EPO while recovering from Cancer and trace amounts may have been present in his system when he returned to professional cycling. There is strong evidence to suggest that he's not nearly as clean as he claims to be. Read about Dr. Michelle Ferrari. The facts remain that Lance Armstrong never tested positive during all his Tour de France wins for any type of illegal substance. Moreover, race leaders like Armstrong are scrutinized and tested far more than others in the sport. It is very unlikely he could have been cheating and not found out during his entire profesional career in the spotlight. It can be argued there is strong evidence to suggest that Lance Armstrong was clean and his phenomenal ability comes from good genetics, an early development in triathelons and cycling combined with a stricter than usually training and diet regimine. All "evidence" he doped comes from conjecture and unreliable testimony.

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