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candlepin Bowling starts with the letters can.

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Q: What type of bowling starts with can?
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What is a 9 letter word for bowling and starts with can?

Candlepin is a 9 letter word for bowling that starts with can.

What place starts with letter b?

Bowling green,ky

Where can you find pictures of bowling?

Go to a google search and type BOWLING PICTURES.

What type of science is in bowling?


What type of bowling is closer to the wicket full toss or yorker?

Yorker bowling is closer to the wicket.

What is cosmic bowling?

Cosmic bowling is bowling with black lights on, not the standard bowling center lights. Usually the house balls, carpeting, and other decor glows. Usually centers have this type of bowling late at night during the weekend for open bowling.

Bowling for columbine movie type?


How many lanes are in a regulation bowling alley?

In a regulation bowling alley, there are eight lanes. You can learn more about bowling from the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Bowling" or "Ten-Pin Bowling" into the search field and press enter to bring up the information.

What type bowling did Bradmon bowl?

He is a cricket player.

What are two groups from other countries that can be traced to bringing the game of bowling to the New World?

The Dutch, the Germans, and the English each brought their own type of ninepin bowling to the US. Tenpin bowling is derived from ninepin bowling.

What is Italian bowling called?

Italian bowling is referred to as Bocce or Boccia. It is a type of bowling. Bowling in general refers to any sport in which a ball is rolled or thrown on a green or down a lane towards an object or group of objects. The rules of Bocce differ from that of tenpin bowling.

When does bowling season begin?

This depends where you are located and what league you are part of of. Most of the time, the season starts in spring but it can start any month considering that weather is not a factor in bowling. (Bowling is played inside!)