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The bone injury or break is called a fracture. A fracture is a partial or complete break in a bone. Fractures in the ankle can range from the less serious avulsion injuries (small pieces of bone that have been pulled off) to severe shattering-type breaks of the tibia, fibula, or both.

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Q: What type of bone injury is it called if you break your ankle when you hit a rock while you are jogging?
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If you break your ankle when you hit it on a rock while jogging its called a?


If you break your ankle when you hit it on a rock while jogging it's called?


IF you break your ankle when you hit it on a rock while you're jogging it's called a .?


What is the injury called when you break your ankle when you hit it on a rock?

Possibly a sprained ankle or a fractured ankle. It all depends on what has happened to the bones in the ankle. The best way to treat ankle injuries is to ice it regularly and if swelling in the ankle does not go down or if pain does not subside after about a week, it is probably time to see a doctor or have an X-ray of the foot done to see what the damage is.

How do you break an already sprained ankle?

There's no such thing as a "sprained bone." A sprain is a partial tear of a ligament or tendon; it's not an injury to a bone.

Is it possible to break your ankle without knowing?

It is possible to break your ankle without immediately realizing it, especially if the break is small or hairline. The pain may be mild at first, but it can worsen over time as the injury becomes more pronounced. If you suspect a possible ankle fracture, it's essential to seek medical attention for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Did Taylor Lautner break his ankle?

No,he's too sexy to break his ankle. ;)

Can you break an ankle landing a cartwheel?

Yes, it is possible to break an ankle while landing a cartwheel, especially if the landing is off-balance or if the ankle twists awkwardly upon impact. It is important to have proper technique and strength to avoid injury while performing gymnastics-related activities like cartwheels.

How long before you can walk on a broken leg?

A typical ankle sprain can take 1-2 weeks for recovery. Depending on the severity of the injury, an ankle injury can take up to 12 weeks to heal. It is recommended to keep the ankle elevated, iced, and keep your weight of the injured ankle.

What did Achilles break?

his ankle

Is it pleasant to break your ankle?


What is an injury to a joint such as the ankle knee or wrist?

An injury to a joint like the ankle, knee, or wrist typically involves damage to the ligaments, tendons, muscles, or bones in that area. Common joint injuries include sprains (ligament injury), strains (muscle or tendon injury), fractures (bone break), or dislocations (bone displacement). Treatment for these injuries may involve rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE), physical therapy, or in severe cases, surgery.