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Q: What two things are fundamental for good putting in golf?
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What two things are fundamental to good putting in golf?


What has the author Billy Casper written?

Billy Casper has written: 'The good sense of golf' -- subject(s): Golfers, Golf, Biography 'The good sense of golf' -- subject(s): Golfers, Golf, Biography 'Chipping and putting' -- subject(s): Golf

Are Miniature Golf Courses suitable for 12 year olds?

Miniature golf is only partially similar to real golf. It will help him with putting but not driving. It's a good place to start.

Why does putt-putt golf have 2 putts?

Good question. It might be because, unlike golf, there is nothing in between putting and doing something else... like driving. It is all putting.... so, repeating the word emphasizes the fact that that is all you do. :) In addition, Putt Putt is a registered trademark for a miniature golf franchise headquartered in North Carolina.

What are the benefits of golf?

Golf can help many people do many things. It is a good cardiovascular workout. It is very good for your legs. It helps young children learn manners and etiquette.

Is a golf good on mpg?

Basically, the most accurate golf mpg guessing based on the real world results in 108.0 million miles driven in 5328 Volkswagen Go12ves. There are various techniques which can be used during golf such as putting hypnosis, confidence hypnosis.

What is the best golf ball for spin?

The best golf balls for spin are essentially any of the premium golf balls on the market. These would include the Titleist pro v 1 and Taylormade TP etc. Some balls claim to be spin but some of the time they are not great for spin. If you have clean grooves and hit a clean compressed strike on the golf ball you will be get it to spin easily. Prov1 balls are good but Callaway Tour i and tour ix spin slightly more than prov1s the down side to this is the cover shreds very quickley

What is the key to golf?

There are a few keys to golf. Practice is key, you need to practice as much as possible, but in golf practice still won't make perfect. Get to know your swing, make it your own and learn how to control it. Keep your head up, golf is one of the most difficult games in the world, the results will not always be what you expect. Make sure you have a good grip, this is a fundamental of the game.

What type of cake is good to make for mole day?

I would suggest a catchy theme like mole-in- one golf or putting 6.022x10^23 on the cake.

What is a good gift for dads that golf?

A good golf gift for dad could include many things. A box of personalized golf balls is always a hit and availible from for free when you purchase balls through them. Personalized club covers are also a great idea. You could also purchase books on Golf, and how to improve his game.

What is a good golf accessories for a gift?

Golf shirts are always a good gift.

Should you play golf with a pinched nerve in the neck?

I have played two rounds with a pinched nerve. I cannot hit the ball as far and my putting is not as good. Other than that it was good to be out there. Don't overdo it. Rest is important.