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Q: What two bowling pins are left in order for it to be a split?
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In ten pin bowling a situation what to you call it when pins are left standing have a wide gap?

It's a "split" or "split-pin" situation.

What is a split in bowling?

A split is an arrangement where there are separate standing pins, or groups of pins, with pins between them having been knocked down by the first ball rolled. The most extreme separation would exist when only the 7 pin (leftmost on rear row) and the 10 pin (rightmost on rear row) are left standing, e.g. a 7-10 split. There may be more than one way to knock down all of the remaining pins to complete a "spare" with the second ball. To do so is to "make the split." According to rule 2h of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC): A split is a setup of pins left standing after the first delivery, provided the head pin is down and at least one other pin is down: 1. Between two or more standing pins; e.g., 7-9 or 3-10. 2. Immediately ahead of two or more standing pins; e.g., 5-6.

What is a Big 4 in Bowling?

First Response:The big four.Second Response:The big four is a split consisting of the 4-6-7-10 pins. It is difficult because they are setup up with two on each side of the lane and are the furthest pins apart.

How is the scoring process in bowling?

X = Strike / = Spare - = No pins knocked down F = Foul Circled Number = a split with that number of pins knocked down.

Why are there ten bowling pins?

There are ten pins in ten pin bowling as that is the nature of that sport. In 5 pin bowling, there are 5 pins.

What is it called in bowling when a random array of pins left standing?

It is sometimes called a washout.

Where should you stand on your second attempt at a turn in bowling?

Its relative to your style of bowling, speed, curve and the pins left on the lane for your second throw.

How long do bowling alleys keep their pins?

Bowling pins last 12 to 24 months.

What are the odds of picking the 7-10 split in bowling and according to whom?

The odds of picking the 7-10 split in bowling are around 1 in 1457 for professional bowlers according to the United States Bowling Congress. This is considered one of the most challenging shots in bowling due to the wide gap between the two pins.

In bowling what is the objective?

The objective of Bowling is to knock down and many pins as possible.

What is another name for the mechanical arm that cleans left over pins in bowling?

It's called the sweep.

What is 10 p on a b l?

ten pins on a Bowling lane