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Q: What traits help lob overcome obstacles?
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What is a lob out?

Lob out is British slang for "throw out" As in "I am going to lob/throw out this broken table".

How did lob help sandy in the story lobs girl?

Lob helped Sandy by returning after the grave and waking her up out of her coma and saving her life! Lob helped Sandy by trying to get to her when she was in a coma. Once Lob managed to get to Sandy, he sat by the door and whined, for he was held back by Granny Pearce. He kept whining and Sandy turned over and said, "Lob? Lobby boy?" because she was now out of her coma and saw Lob alive and well. Lob ended up saving Sandy's life. This story reminds me of ET, because ET and the boy have that weird phyco connection and it's almost the same with Lob and Sandy. (Just a thought)

If lob went to the hostpital but the other dog was dead then how come Lob was wet?

lob killed the other dog?

How far did lob walk to get to sandy In lobs girl?

In "Lob's Girl," Lob walked six miles to get to Sandy to return the cat that Lob believed Sandy claimed.

Is loyalty the theme in Lob's Girl?

Yes, loyalty is a major theme in "Lob's Girl." The story explores the loyalty and bond between Lob's dog, Sandy, and Lob's niece, Sandy's descendants, as well as the family's loyalty to Lob's memory and their cherished belongings.

How big is a ear lob?

an ear lob is about haf a inch

Who is lob's original owner in lob's girl?

Mr. Dodsworth

When was Lob bomb created?

Lob bomb was created in 2007.

What is a lob in A Christmas Carol?

This is Victorian term A Lob was money till

When was Lob born?

Jacques Lob was born on 1932-08-19.

What is foreshadowing in lob's girl?

In "Lob's Girl," foreshadowing occurs when Lob's grandmother tells him to always listen to the trees, as they will guide him in times of trouble. This foreshadows how the trees eventually help Lob reunite with his lost love, Sadie. The advice given by Lob's grandmother serves as a hint of the role that nature will play in the resolution of the story.

Does Lob from Lob's Girl come back in spirit?

No, Lob does not come back in spirit in the story "Lob's Girl." The story focuses on the bond between Lob and the girl, rather than exploring themes of the supernatural or spiritual presence after Lob's death.